Program Significance


In addition to saving graduate students costs, time and effort travelling abroad for a similar program, it also focuses on modern and advanced teaching methods.  The Program would cover modern academic themes relevant to Palestinian Community. It would cover diverse Palestinian, Israeli and International Mass Media, Palestinian public opinion, and mass media audience surveys. This would make available a number of journalists and media specialists in the pure and applied fields.


Program Goals


The Program aspires to attain the following aims:

General Aims:


1-   To offer distinctive higher education with an emphasis on the great advancement taking place in journalism and information, particularly, electronic Journalism and modern academic theories used in mass media, audience and public opinion research.

2-   To make prepare qualified staff capable of handling issues relevant to Palestinian community such that they would be able to recognize problems and contribute towards their solution through suggesting recommendations to concerned parties.

3-   The Program emphasizes instructor-student interaction and cooperation among mass media, ministries and diverse relevant institutions. This would alert researchers to study issues to Palestinian community including mass media and diverse institutions therein. This will involve them in sustained efforts in applied research projects of mutual benefits to students and institutions.


Specific Aims:

The Media Master Program aspires to attain the following specific aims:

1-   Encourage academic research, train journalism and information graduates to conduct applied research, enhance their abilities therein, and train qualified academic staff capable of using modern information technology to contribute to the development and establishment of the Palestinian State.

2-   Enrich the Palestinian Library with specialist academic studies and research.

3-   Meet aspirations of journalists eager to pursue their higher education at home.