Admission conditions of Suggested Master in Journalism:



The applicant needs to have BA degree from a recognised university with a good GA at least in one of the following fields:




1-   Direct journalism majors:




No complementary courses apply where the student has a BA in:




·        Journalism




·        Journalism and Media




·        Media




·        Communication




·        Electronic media




·        Any other media field approved by the Department








2-   Media and public relations majors:




These require complementary course not less than nine credit hours determined by the Department in line with the nature of the said fields:




·        Public relations and media




·        Radio and TV




·        Arabic and journalism




·        Political sciences and Journalism




·        Educational media




·        Any other field approved by the Department








3-   Fields related to media or any of its branches








These specializations would need a recommendation from the Department for admission. In case it is approved, the Department determines the required complimentary courses provided they include 15 credit hours at least. These majors include the following fields:




·        Political sciences




·        Social studies




·        Arabic




·        English




·        Any field approved by the Department








Second: Specific conditions of admission:





The applicant needs to:




1-   Pass a written exam in the field of study in addition to an English language test.




2-   Pass an oral interview.




3-   Have two academic reference letters, recommendation from his original institute of study, or from his previous professors.








Third: Specific conditions to obtain the Masters Degree:





The applicant must obtain a score 480 or more in TOEL before the end of the master study.