In line with the development the Journalism and Information Department has attained since its establishment in 1992 in faculty and students’ numbers, this program has been inaugurated to both serve the University and community. The rationale behind the Media Higher Studies Program comes as follows:


·        Palestinian Universities lack a master’s program in Journalism. This one will be the first in the West bank and Gaza Universities.


·        Increase in the number undergraduates in journalism & public relations and Arabic & Media from IUG, West Bank and Gaza universities or from foreign universities.


·        Great demand on journalism and information field. The number of registered students at the Dept. in the 1st semester 2008/2009 amounted to 297 students (female/male) in addition to 100 students in Arabic and Media major in the same period.


·        The Program intends to enhance the competence of Journalism & Information BA holders, particularly in the applied and research domain. This would give them a better employment opportunity in the academic and other sectors fields.


·        Availability of faculty members in all required fields in the Dept., including full, associate and assist. Profs from regional and international universities. Other professors at IUG from Arts, Commerce and Law Departments may take part as well.


·        The Program is significant as it gives Gazan undergraduates an opportunity to locally pursue their studies in the field saving them much cost and trouble seeking foreign courses. Local employees unable to leave their jobs for a whole year will be able to attain their advancement goals locally.


·        Many undergraduates of Journalism and other relevant fields from IUG and other universities have expressed their desire to pursue their studies at Islamic University. They are motivated by our academic and admin distinction. They aspire to have their academic and practical abilities enhanced. Requirements about the program starting date have indicated a real need for its inauguration. 


This Program conforms with the general policy of PMOE&HE on the need to establish new programs in higher education institutions. It draws at distinctive expertise of academic staff of IUG and in J&M Dept. in particular, which is the first of its kind in Palestine. The modules offered would enable graduate students to enhance their Arabic / English, statistics and research skills.