Vision and objectives



 Based on the objectives and general philosophy of the IUG, the MA programme in history was approved by the Faculty board and later agreed upon by the department of history. The objectives go in line with the objectives identified by the departments of history in some Arab and international universities.   

 The MA programme aims to develop and qualify the Palestinian cadres in history and archeology. This involves providing students with high quality education that helps them acquire knowledge, understanding, analysis, assessment and scientific thinking. Guided by the principles of ethics, the MA students will be trained on the faithful and proper rendering of information and on dealing with the different narrations and accounts, particularly in the absence of some information and the existence of conflicting reports.


 The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Providing MA students with specialist knowledge in the understanding of history and archeology.

2. Offering teaching skills and scientific and practical research qualifying students for professional practices.

3. Islamizing the concepts of history and archeology through proper professional practices.

4. Developing the graduates' skills of leadership and professionalism.

5. Providing students with the skills necessary for communication with the local community.

6. Encouraging students to carry out research in the various methodological approaches of history.

7. Providing society with highly qualified graduates to meet the increasing needs of the local market and preparing them for PhD studies.


The previous objectives are clearly stated in the MA Guide Book and the postgraduate prospect, a copy of which is given to MA students.