The Department of history has been part of the Faculty of Arts since the Islamic University (IUG) was established in 1978. It became the Department of History and Archeology in 2001. The department also includes the Oral History Centre.

In 2000-2001 the Faculty opened two postgraduate programmes: an MA in history and an MA in Arabic.

A large number of MA students specializing in Islamic history and modern history have been graduated from the department.




The MA programme in history aims to achieve the following objectives:


1. Offering human and history sciences that build up the individual character and the group armed with the required knowledge. 

2. Providing students with most recent scientific theories of history comparing them with Islamic and Arabic heritage with the aim of achieving the two notions of modernity and uniqueness.

3. Contributing to the development and building of personality. 

4. Enhancing peoples' national confidence, guiding their present and future and highlighting the role the Palestinian Islamic heritage can play in preserving the national constants and legitimate rights through the inclusion of new elements of culture aimed at achieving the Palestinians' goals and aspiration.  

5. Providing society with highly qualified graduates responsible for the development of education in Palestine. 

6. Following up recent changes of history and coping with them in a scientific