This Program was inaugurated in the academic year 2006/7. It is one of the most socially-integrated programs with regards to studies, field research, applied studies, academic trips, general lectures, and study days, covering a significant part of the Palestinian people.

The Program aims at graduating qualified teachers and specialists in the areas of architectural planning, human development, environment,  population, meteorology, surveying, maps, GIS,  remote sensing, geo- and economic politics, and geomorphology. Students receive training in different techniques of geographical studies such that they become abreast of global advancement in the area of maps and geographical studies.

Program Aims

1-     Offer distinctive higher education focusing on advancement in the geography discipline, particularly applied geography, maps, GIS, remote sensing, planning, housing, services, and development.

2-     Provide qualified professionals able to deal with relevant issues of Palestinian society. They would identify and solve community problems by recommending solutions to relevant bodies.


 Focus on students-teachers interaction, cooperation among ministries, municipalities and relevant different organizations.


1-     Researcher will consequently study community needs and engage in applied research projects that would serve students and organizations as well.

2-     Promote academic research, train geographers in applied research, enhancing their abilities. This includes preparing skilled academic specialists capable of using modern technology in the geographic domain such that they would participate in developing the State of Palestine.

Enrich the Palestinian library with specialist academic geographic studies.