SHAR 6308     Islamic Culture 

GOGR 6301    Geographical Research (Methods and Applications)

GOGR 6302    Statistical and Spatial Geographical Analysis

GOGR 6303    Advanced Physical Geographical Studies

GOGR 6204    English Geographical Research

GOGR 6305    Advanced Human Geographical Studies

GOGR6306    Studies and Applications in Environment

GOGR 6307   Studies in Advanced Climatology

GOGR 6308   Advanced Cartography

GOGR6309    Population Studies and Modeling the Population Policies

GOGR 6310   Geographical Information Systems and Computerized Mapping

GOGR 6311   Oceanography and Water Resources

GOGR6312    Natural Resources       

GOGR6313    Applied Geomorphology

GOGR6314    Urban Planning and Perm-Population Development

GOGR 6315   Condense Political Geographical Studies

GOGR 6316   Agricultural Resources Development and Managements

GOGR 6317   Thesis