Course Description of the Master Degree in Geography


1.The Islamic Culture(SHAR 6308)

This course deals with the study of the prophetic traditions , prophetic hadith , Islamic beliefs and the Muslims contemporary situation.


2.Geographical Research: Methodology and Application (GOGR 6301):

This course aims at enabling the student to write a thesis following scholarly style and sound methodology. Therefore , this course includes the following topics:

·         The Selection of the subjects and the  preparation of the plans.

·         The sources to get office and field data .

·         The collection and the classification of data.

·         The stages that have to be followed when initiating the thesis.

·         The focus on the basis that create a unique –intense research.

·         The style , the conceptual formulation ,  the scientific integrity and documentation.

·         The best ways of writing the findings ,recommendations and suggestions


Then , the student is going to learn how to employ  the maps , the graphs and the collected data that serve the main subject of the thesis. After that ,the student shifts to study the different traditional and contemporary curriculum used in geographical research Finally, the main focus will be on the process of writing the questionnaire and analyzing it by using computer system following scientific methodology. What is worth mentioning here that this course is interested in such procedures that have to be pursued to make the discussion and the basis of the research.


3.Statical and Spatial Geographical Analysis(GOGR 6302):

This course studies the geographical data ,the natural distribution ,the  data conversion,  the indices,  the probabilities, the sample –distribution ,the estimation from samples .Also it includes the random variables , the  hypothesis testing,  the double comparisons , the multiple regression , the self correlation and partial correlation . Furthermore, it concerns with the  analysis of variation of natural data and the analysis of variation using Friedman test with reference to rinks .Then, this course looks into the non-standard test and spatial statics such factor analysis and cluster analysis that are most important in such course. SPSS program will be used for carrying out such procedures.


4.Advanced Physical Geographical Studies( GOGR 6303):

This course addresses one of the special subjects in Physical Geography in an advanced –analytical study such as geomorphological rivers ,coasts , dry lands , geomorphological operations and plant Geography. In addition ,the course may include  the Geography of climate or soil and the analysis and evaluation of varied manifestations in a  specific region.However,the student may conduct a well-comprehensive study including different aspects of natural manifestations  in  a specific region.


5.English Geographical Research(GOGR 6204):

This course involves the study of geographical researches in English language and their translation to Arabic and vice versa, and the discussion of these researches in front of other students. Throughout this course , the student can  gain the skills of writing refereed  – scientific researches in  the foreign journals and periodicals.


6.Advanced Human Geographical Studies( GOGR 6305):

This course investigates the Geographical thought and the trends of geographical studies. It also concentrates on some branches such as demographic–population studies ,urban  Geography ,urban planning and economic Geography with all its branches. Those branches include agriculture Geography , industrial Geography , tourism Geography , transport Geography and political Geography.


7.Studies and Applications in Environment(GOGR 6306):

This course covers the most essential environmental issues that threaten the human – stability. Water pollution ,air pollution and solid-waste pollution are all examples of such central issues. In addition , it looks into the possible methods to measure such pollution in order to establish a framework to solve the problems of pollution and eliminatesits risk. Moreover, the student has to study the quality laws of the environment and the monitoring principles of this environment ,paying  special attention to  the most significant environmental issues locally and internationally. The student ought to participate in an applicable research in his field of study as well. This research discusses a local –environmental issue in terms of determining the problem and evaluating its environmental impact . After that , the researcher should conduct a project to administrate and reduce the environmental risks.


8.Studies in Advanced Climatology(GOGR 6307):

It discusses the climate measures , the variation of heating and cooling between ground and water , the Tropospheric temperature  and  the Atmospheric stability. It also sheds the light on the energy ,  the movement,  the balance , the climate and the interaction between the water bodies and the climate. Moreover, it considers the systems that formulate the weather and studies the surface and upper maps as well ( the maps and the data of satellites ) . In addition, it concentrates on  remote – sensing , analysis and inference, prediction, the study of the lower atmospheric climate and small-scale climate. Moreover, it studies the interaction  among  the climate , the changes of the climate and the future of such climate. It studies the air pollution, Ozone layer,El ninomanifestation, air oscillation and falling. Finally, it involves the applications of the climate , the data , the computer usage and the practical atmosphere.


9.Advanced Cartography(GOGR 6308) :

This course includes the production of maps ,a practical study for rising spaces with all its details, the creation of budgets and study of contour –topographical maps . It also introduces the study of remote sensing in terms of characteristics of the aerial photos , reading them and preparing maps with reference to them.


10.Population Studies  and Modeling the population polices ( GOGR6309):

This course  concerns with the study of population growth , the distribution of  population, the  geographical factors that determine this distribution and emigration.In addition, this course studies age, sex and economic status of the population paying more attention to the demographical aspect and the population projections. The student should study all the measurements used in the study field of population, applying  all the static methods which has been used in population studies. A separated part of the course is going to study statics released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics,the demographical conflict over Palestine and the population policies as well.


11.Geographical Information Systems and Computerized Mapping ( GOGR 6310 ) :

The course concentrates on the advanced basis of designing , reading and interpreting different digital maps. Moreover , it involves the production methods of such maps ,the attempt to apply them and  the analysis of these maps using computer programming. In addition, such course focuses on the aerial photos in terms of reading ,interpreting ,analyzing and designing them. Over and above , this course shows the learners how to design different maps and derive  the related information they contain as these information are considered as a source of different geographical information.


12.Oceanography and Water Resources ( GOGR 6311):

This course considers hydrological topics, and it concentrates on how to study the surface and the ground water with reference to the analysis of hydrological period In addition, it includes the study of water balance and static analysis of hydrological data such as; analyzing the surface runoff and the movement of ground water. As a result,such analysis will be used to design hydrological projects.


13.Natural Resources(GOGR6312):

The course begins with the study of the concept of resources and their importance. Then ,the course moves to show the types of  the natural resources  and the relationship between the development and the administration of  these natural resources. Then ,the student will be asked to study the risks that face the natural resources and  set the best way to face them. Part of the course will be specified to indicate the study of the natural resources in Palestine , their evaluation and the best ways to protect them from all dangers Finally ,the student should identify  the Palestinian needs of the natural resources.


14.Applied Geomorphology:

A case study is the core of this course. The students are required to choose a case study  in which they study the implications of different human activities and the effects that influence the geomographical operations After that , the students should be able to create an environmental problems related to Geomorphology and set the suitable solutions for them. These solutions are placed as a result of the understanding of  the special reasons of each problem separately. The concentration may be on one problem during the term such as the problem of the soil erosion or the landslides or others.


15.Urban Planning and Perm-Population Development:

The course includes the essential – distinguished qualities of the urban planning , the purposes , the types , the levels , the stages and the planning devices of such planning .Also , it discusses the planning theories , the polices, the laws of the urban planning and various surveys. Then , the course shifts to introduce the study of the national, regional ,structural and detailed plans.Then,the course shows the experience of the countries in the urban planning domain. Furthermore, it figures out the concepts , the styles , the levels , the goals and the methods of measuring the development. Then, the course introduces the different indicators of the human development. Finally, the course studies the files of the human development in Palestine and the methods of accounting the Palestinian human development guide.


16.Condense Political Geographical Studies( GOGR 6315) :

The course discusses the most important – contemporary political issues and some political issues in some regions that witness tensions and political conflicts This discussion concentrates on the role of Geography in reading the world political map ,in addition to the study of various concepts of Geoploticas well.


17.Agricultural Resources Development and Managements ( GOGR 6316) :

This course sheds the light on the geography of the agriculture in terms of the modern style and advanced trends in agriculture .It focuses on the greenhouses agriculture and urban agriculture. Also this course studies the contribution of the agriculture to the development process and the role of this development in the growth of agriculture. Finally , the student should conduct an applicable study on the agriculture and development in Palestine.


18.Thesis (GOGR 6317) :

The student is going to prepare a distinguished –geographical research that discusses an issue which touches the Palestinian society .This can be done after the agreement of the department council in terms of the subject of the thesis. Then , it needs the approval of the college council and the high studies committee. After that , the student will be required to prepare a research plan and do the discussion (Seminar) in front of the department council and other students. Also ,the researcher is ought to follow the instructions of writing the research that are applicable at the university. The student can pass the thesis after the public discussion of the research ( the student is required to complete 18 hours including the courses before enrolling  on the thesis ).