In recognition of the dialectical relationship between language and culture and the significance of culture in consolidating the national project and responding to a growing and expected interest in Arabism, language and heritage, there is a need for a graduate program in Arabic language and arts bearing in mind that language is the vessel for thought, the reserve of heritage and an incentive for cultural participation in the human efforts which contribute to man's progress.     


The Department of Arabic Language is one of the first departments established in the Faculty of Arts and its richest in terms of academic staff, extracurricular activities, research, and connection with cultural associations. The Department held several academic conferences, symposia, day seminars and poetic evenings. 

The Department started an MA program in Arabic and intends to open a Ph.D. program due to the Palestinian society's need for research and studies to build national culture in poetry, drama, narrative literature, issues of contemporary Palestinian literature.   


Aims and Rationale:  

1.     Boosting society with specialized and qualified graduates in order to  upgrade the level of university education in Palestine.

2.     Enriching the Palestinian university library with scholarly Arabic linguistic and literary studies. 

3.     Meeting the growing needs for graduates of Arabic Department at the Islamic University and other universities to complete their graduate studies.

4.     Making it easy for those wishing to continue their studies in Arabic by reducing travel burdens and exorbitant costs of studying abroad and at the same time providing job opportunities for academic specialists.

5.      Responding to the need of people in the Gaza Strip in particular for such program given that the Islamic University of Gaza is the oldest university in the Gaza Strip and was the first to apply to the Ministry of Higher Education to open this program.

6.     Emphasizing the cultural and literary character of the Palestinian people.

7.     Activating the process of research and scientific interaction in Palestine and forming a basis for cumulative academic contributions and accelerating the Palestinians' civilizational participation in the global culture.

8.     Accelerating academic independence which is an integral part of the independence of the state and the people and emphasizing the national character of Palestine.

9.     Showcasing the competence of the Palestinian people and appreciating its own abilities in contributing to the human, cultural and scholarly domains.