The faculty of Arts at the Islamic university has the vision of leading an increasing number of academic and public service activities that benefit the local community, the Arab and Islamic nations, and ultimately all seekers of knowledge worldwide.  



Further, the faculty is looking to create and disseminate knowledge and art through research and creative inquiry, teaching, and learning, and to transfer our intellectual and artistic product to enhance society in meaningful and sustainable ways


Based on our Islamic and traditional cultural values, we strive for achieving other values like:

Quality and Excellence:

We hold our values according to extremely high standards, honoring lofty ambitions and the pursuit of excellence through a commitment to the rigorous intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.

Leadership and Teamwork:

We are committed to promoting individual and institutional leadership roles, which drive social development, professionalism, responsibility, and innovation. collaboration and cooperation are recognized as necessary means of attaining excellence.

Fairness and Integrity:

We abide by the principles of social justice, and equal opportunity, holding members of our community to the highest standards of honesty, respect, and professional ethics.

Lifelong Learning:

We are committed to lifelong learning inside and outside the IUG community, ensuring continued intellectual growth and welfare of society