About the College

The college of Arts was inaugurated with the Department of Arabic in 1978. The Department of English then started in 1981, followed by Departments of Geography, 1990/1991, Journalism and Media, 1992/1993, History and Archaeology, 2001, Social Work, 1998/1999,  and finally, the Department of Journalism and Media /Arabic, 2005/2006.  Thus, the College of Arts include the following Departments:

1.     1- Arabic,  and Arabic and Media

2.     2- English

3.     3- Journalism and Media

4.     4- Geography

5.     5- History and Archaeology

6.     6- Social Work


Fields of Study and Academic Degrees

The College of Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in the fields of Arabic, English, Geography, Journalism and Media, Journalism and Public Relations, History and Archaeology, Social Work, and Arabic / Media upon the completion of 140 credit academic hours.

In the academic year 2000/2001, the College has inaugurated two Master Degree Programs in the Arabic and History Departments. The Master Degree Program in Geography has started in 2006/2007.


The College of Arts imparts disciplines in humanities that aim at developing faithful, enlightened, considerate, observing graduates armed with right knowledge. Such graduates are expected to be able to serve society and help solve its problems.

To realise its goals, the College offers current knowledge and cutting-edge theories in various academic disciplines blended with original Arab-Islamic traditions in such a way that achieves both targets of originality and modernity.

The realisation of cultural advancement and development of the original character requires a comprehensive academic awareness of current disciplines of humanities and applied fields of knowledge. None but the University can implement this perspective and realise significant success.

The Palestinian society with its structures stands in great need for the product of the College of Arts whose qualified graduates constitute an essential component in different fields of knowledge.

The College and Society

The College of Arts with its numerous Departments aspires to consolidate its ties with the local community and cultural life in general. This target will be achieved through its graduates as well as extracurricular activities including conferences, study days, cultural forums, poetic and artistic evenings, academic and cultural meetings, varied Palestinian and Arab Reality studies. Qualified academics will carry out these activities paving the way and illuminating the future for the coming generations. Individual and collective needs will be met in order to achieve a better awareness of social and national needs in the light of Arab Muslim culture.  This would create a productive interaction among societal components towards the realization of strategic hopes.


Future Plan

The College of Arts stresses the importance of short and long term planning in the area of academic programs and exploring new trends and developments in the cutting edge of knowledge. Furthermore, it intends to meet societal needs for qualified university graduates to serve the demands of various walks of life.

The College also seeks to meet the varied needs of learners by inaugurating higher academic degrees in different disciplines (particularly English, Media, and social work). This will be done upon completing the technical and admin requirements of field of study. Our aspiring plans will save Palestinian nationals efforts, money and travel to foreign lands.