The department of Media was founded in the faculty of Art in the IUG in 1992. The department of Media offers an exciting and supportive context in which to explore how media can figure the today's society and how the students, as analysts, critics or practitioners can shape their future.

The aim of the department of media is to equip the students with a rigorous critical and creative understanding of how the media in all their forms figure in modern life. Additionally, it aims to develop the students' skills in media research and analysis in creative media production and in critical reading and thinking. The department of media has scholars and practitioners who are internationally respected in their field. 


This department seeks the following aims:

* Graduating well trained and professional journalists working in the different Media institutions, locally and internationally.

*Cooperating with similar institutions at Arab and international levels.

*Developing the Palestinian Media to be able to have a major role in the international media work.

* Offering media students  practice-oriented presentations, workshops and training on responsible reporting that will enable the students to become critical recipients of the Palestinian media.

*Studying the circumstances of the Palestinian Media, and holding lectures, assemblies and workshops to develop it.

*Providing the governmental ministries and civil institutions with specialists on the field of public relations.

*Opening other specializations that meet the needs of the Palestinian society in the field of radio, TV, electronic press, designing and others.

*Providing the students with the skills of scientific research in the field of media and public relations.