Overview about the Department of History and Archeology:

The Department of History and Archeology at IUG was opened on the first semester in 2001. Till this date, the IUG is the only university in Gaza that combines history and archeology together. The department's basic mission is to prepare students who are able to criticize, organize and analyze various events around them depending on the true information.


One of our main objectives is to sustain a world class research and teaching environment with top class laboratories and IT facilities in a supportive and collegial atmosphere.


The working fields of the graduates:

*Working in the field of education in governmental schools, private schools and UNRWA schools.

*Working at governmental institutions especially in the ministry of tourism and archeology.

*Working at the centers of researches, studies and oral history.

*Working at the centers of preserving the Palestinian heritage.


The Center of Oral History:



Oral History Center OHC was established in 1998, and is considered a part of the department of History and Archeology. It is the first center for research in the Palestinian oral story in Gaza strip.




·         To be an international centre for oral history study, research, teaching and training.

·         To promote collaborative research in oral history across disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

·         To develop knowledge transfer/outreach programs, encouraging networking in the area of oral history with other scholars and organizations, including local government and community oral history groups.

·         To develop an expertise in the use of new technologies in oral history

·         To facilitate capacity-building and the intellectual development of the next generation of scholars/researchers in oral history.

·         To study the life of refugees in Gaza strip since 1948.