The history of Geography Department in the IUG began in 1981- nearly due to the IUG establishment-. The department has been recognized for the quality of its teaching, staff and students as well. The major philosophy of the department is to prepare a well-trained and professionals who can keep pace with up to date knowledge. The department has adopted various types of new technologies as well as modern subjects and topics" remote sensing and GIS". 


The department of geography seeks the following:

  1. Graduating well trained students who can go deep in geographic research.
  2. Ensuring that  graduate students are aware of the possibilities for their future careers, and that they are equipped with a set of skills which will enable them to pursue both academic and non-academic routes
  3. Providing students with conceptual tools for understanding the complex interplay of economic, political, social and environmental change.
  4.  Teaching geography comparatively in order to inform students about the astonishing Islamic civilization.