The Department of Geography seeks to achieve the following:
1-      Provide geographers with a high level of competence and professionalism working in both local and international institutions.
2-      Meet the needs of local institutions capable of promoting the geographic domain to be able to compete with local and foreign geographic institutions.
3-      Provide professionally qualified geographers to contribute to national development process that the community needs.
4-      Open other disciplines to meet the needs of the Palestinian society in the fields of geography,  geographic information systems and remote sensing.
5-      Provide students with scientific research skills in the field of geography and its branches.
6-      Prepare specialized scientific talents in the field of geography and its branches.
7-      Provide students with high level education and professional skills to obtain the highest level of achievement and at the highest level of personal development.
8-      Achieve acceptable response to the needs of the society and its educational and non-educational institutions by providing BA geography graduates to work in the field of teaching.
9-      Provide talented and creative students with theoretical,  academic and analytical background which develops them in both artistic and linguistic creativity.
10-   Teach geography in a comparative manner to introduce students to the authenticity of the Islamic civilization.
11-   Make sure that the program is improving over time and following up innovations in the field of geography.