Mission and Goals

The Arabic Department Program offers distinguished education to its students.  It tends to enhance their knowledge, foster their Islamic values, and train them on scientific thinking skills, research methods. Arabic language is used as a medium for cultural, academic and educational interaction. This is done in a way maintaining students’ identity and developing their national culture and character. It is worth noting that, the philosophy and goals of the Programs are essentially based on the general goals and philosophy of the University. After registration, every student receives a booklet on the academic system of IUG and the goals of the Arabic Program.


Program Goals

A.    Offering high quality education that enables students to achieve advanced academic degrees and outstanding accomplishments.

B.     Meeting the educational, cultural, and literary needs of the Palestinian community.

C.     Helping students acquire linguistic and literary skills needed to enable them to communicate and interact with the community’s literary, cultural, and educational institutions.

D.    Enabling students to pursue their higher education.

E.     Following-up and adopting state-of-the- art developments in the fields of linguistics, criticism, and rhetoric.


F.      Developing students’ personality in terms of leadership, creativity, and professionalism.  

G.    Modernizing the study plan in a constant way in order to suit and meet the growing needs of the Palestinian community.




Program Structure and Nature

Arabic Department offers literature, education, and journalism university requirements. The Department Study Plan consists of various courses, i.e., major requirement courses, faculty requirement courses, and university requirement courses. Outlines and descriptions of courses are given to students on day one of every new semester.


     University Requirement Courses


Arabic Department offers numerous enlightening courses such as Modern Muslim World, Palestinian Studies, and Human Rights. These courses aim to develop students’ national and religious identity and positives attitudes. Moreover, the Department helps students develop their English language skills.      


    Faculty Requirements Courses

Students study many courses, e.g., Hebrew, History of Palestine, Geography of Palestine, and Principles of Sociology. These courses aim at enhancing students’ national as well as social culture.


      Major Requirement Courses

The Department offers core courses, including Grammar Series (1-6), Arabic Linguistics and Arabic Morphology. In order to familiarize students with different ages of Arabic literature, the Department offers literary courses starting from Classic or Jahili Literature up to modern Palestinian Literature. The courses are presented in analytical fashion based on courses in Rhetoric and Criticism.



Teaching-learning Environment

The Arabic Department Program provides students with proper human and material resources, syllabi, and teaching staff. Further, the Department’s brochure offered to students illuminates the study plan, aims, and content of different courses. The study plan articulates course descriptions; course expected outcomes, and methods of evaluation, e.g., short quizzes, midterm and final exams, papers. The study plan also includes a course in research methods that underlines theoretical and empirical research skills, with main focus on literature and linguistics. Further, senior students have to conduct and defend a graduation project upon completion of the required courses.



In line with IUG academic system, students are admitted in the Department regardless of their race, religion, and nationality, if they get GPA of % 65 or above in high/secondary school. The following table illustrates the number of students registered in the Arabic department.


No. of Male students

No. of Female students




Second Year







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