Department of Social Service:
- The objectives of the department meet the objectives of the university in the following points:
1- The Islamic University of Gaza is an Islamic, national and Palestinian institution aims to provide high quality education to students, particularly those living in Gaza Strip.
2- The University contributes to human civilization and thought in the light of the ethical dimension stemming from the Islamic religion.
3- The university endeavors to advance learning, foster the expansion of knowledge through teaching and research and encourage community service. It also develops the use of IT in teaching and designing distance learning courses.
Objectives of the department:
-  Bachelor of Social Service program aims to:
1-  improve manpower in the Palestinian society by providing high quality education to students in the light of the Islamic dimension.
2- provide specialized knowledge in Social Service.
3- provide students with knowledge and professional skills that enable them to achieve professional practice.
4- islamize concepts and methods of Social Service by professional practice.
5- develop the graduate’s leading and professional personality.
6- provide students with the general skills needed to communicate with the society.
7-  encourage scientific research in Social Service.
8- provide job opportunities for students of Social Service.