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2 Impact of Semantic Loss in the Holy Quran Translation with Reference to Yusuf Ali's and Pickthall's Translations of Al-Nur Surah (Translation) حنين الحلبي د. محمد الحاج أحمد 2020
3 Investigating Difficulties Facing Palestinian EFL Students in Pronouncing English Vowels (Linguistics Track) محمد لامع سعدي اسعد شملخ د. خضر خضر 2018
4 Ideological Traces in Translation: Palestinian Translators’ Strategies in Rendering Israeli (Translation Track) غدير جمال حافظ شبانه د. محمد مشير عامر 2018
10 Investigating English Reading Difficulties Facing Palestinian Deaf Secondary School Learners (Linguistics) ديانا يحيى عامر ابو خالد د. نظمي المصري 2019
16 Analysing Palestinian Idioms of Distress, Resilience and Wellbeing in Context of the 2014 War against Gaza (Linguistics) ياسر سعيد خليل السطرى د. نظمي المصري 2019
5 Force-Image-Schematic Metaphors in Arabic-to-English Translation of Mohammed Morsi's Political Speeches: An Analytical Study (Translation Track) ايمان عبد القادر ابراهيم عيسى د. محمد مشير عامر 2018
6 Palestinian Professional Translators' Strategies when Rendering Political Collocations in British News Websites (Translation Track) غادة محمود حمد قشطة محمد الحاج أحمد 2018
12 Difficulties Facing IUG MA Translation Students in Rendering Collocations in Palestinian Marriage Deeds. (Translation) صفاء أحمد عبد الله خلف الله د. محمد الحاج أحمد 2019
14 Effectiveness of Translation Strategies Used in Rendering Palestinian Culture-Specific Items in Nasrallah's Novel Time of White Horses (Translation) محمد عبد المعطي محمد حموده د. محمد مشير عامر 2019
17 Developing Critical Thinking Skills through Teaching Reading Comprehension for Female EFL Students at IUG (Linguistics) هيا ياسر غانم الأغا د. وليد عامر 2019
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