Language, Art, Performance and Experience

08 - Dec - 2016

IUG English Department held Talents Day of the Year 2016. The annual show was attended by Prof. Adel Awad Allah, IUG President,  Dr. AbdulKhaleq  AL-Aaf, Dean of IUG Faculty of Arts, Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri, Vice President for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Aymen Al-Hallaq, Head of IUG English Department, and members of IUG English Department in addition to many English Supervisors in the Ministry of Education.

In the welcoming speech, two of English Department Students welcomed the attendance. They also thanked their professors and said that this show is important to confirm that "Gaza is rebirth, and rebirth is Gaza."

Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri, IUG Vice President for Foreign Affairs, also talked about the significance of Arts especially in teaching. He also explained the role of each art type to enhance teaching, and how to use each of them.

For his part, Dr. Aymen Al-Hallaq, Head of IUG English Department, welcomed the attendance and expressed his appreciation of Professors' and students' efforts to achieve this success. He also talked about the importance of this show to see the production of English Department students. In addition, he confirmed that the objective of the activity is performance of Students' talents. He ended his speech by thanking the Professors' committee, Students committee, IUG English club, and the attendance.

On the other hand, Dr. AbedRabu Abu Alyan, the Assistant Professor in IUG English Department and Head of Students' Activities affirmed that this activity is an artistic one including drama, performance and other artistic aspects. He also stressed that the motive of holding such an activity is their belief in extra-curricula activities' role in improving students talents, and facilitating their creative and leading abilities. Dr. Abu Alyan said, "I always believe in my students' talents." He also thanked the participants, attendance and professors, and he expressed his hope to enjoy that show.

The Dean of IUG Faculty of Arts, Prof. AbdulKhaleq AL-Aaf, confirmed the significance of arts in life, and he confirmed his assurance that he would witness a great event returning  his civilized confidence and balance.

Many talented students participated in the show, and confirmed that talent is born from suffer in Gaza. There was a distinguished Palestinian Dehheyah song and performed by male students, in addition to three plays talking about belonging to homeland and many other topics, and also Islamic songs and competitions.