A Word by the Head of English Department


It gives me great delight to welcome you to the webpage of the English Language and Literature Department at the Islamic University-Gaza (IUG), Palestine. Established in 1984, the English department is one of the largest departments at IUG, and has been one of the leading centres of English language learning and teaching and a hub for learning and excellence that graduated thousands of students who contributed to building the Palestinian society, especially in the Gaza Strip, and many of whom took on their role in developing the human community at large.


The Department of English is home to close to a thousand students studying at BA and MA levels and there are nearly 30 faculty members engaged in teaching and research. Many of those teaching staff are graduates from well-known universities in the U.K., U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, India, and Malaysia.


The Department offers four distinguished programmes: BA in English Literature, BA in English Language Teaching (Education), BA in English Literature/major – Translation/minor, and MA in Translation and Linguistics. Our MA and BA graduates are working in various fields, as language teachers government and UNRWA schools, translators and interpreters, EFL teachers and specialists, journalists, editing, writing and publishing, content writers, linguistic quality assurance tester, digital marketing, and Quality Assurance Editor. Some took leading positions at UN bodies and international organizations.


The department is also proud to have forged good relations with local and international universities for the purpose of our continued commitment to effect international understanding and dialogue, research and teaching excellence, enhancing knowledge sharing, and skill transfer. A number of our students have been able to travel to the UK as part of the Exchange Learning Programme with the University of Glasgow and other European universities. Our faculty members also have engaged in research collaboration with researchers in universities and institutions in Europe and the US, and academics from around the world were guest speakers on various events held by the department.


The English department will always is committed to maintain its leading position in providing high quality education and promoting values of social justice, universal human rights and international understanding despite the manifold challenges of the siege, the occupation, the paucity of resources and restrictions on academic mobility.


Dr. Mosheer Amer

Chair of English Department

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Department of English

Faculty of Arts

Islamic University of Gaza

Email:  mamer@iugaza.edu.ps



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