English Department at IUG hosts "The Victorian Women Day"

02 - أيار - 2016


Honoring women's great place in society, past and present, the English Department at IUG hosted an event entitled "The Victorian Women Day". The female students of the English Department organized the event to  honor the great works of Victorian women. The Victorian era was a time where women weren't always celebrated for their creativity. These student's creativity and hard work brought to life the greatness and glory of women.

Dr. Mahmoud Baroud, Head of English Department, at IUG, praised the students for their hard work and dedication. "This event" he added, "is an expression of women's place in society through time, not just the Victorian era."

Mrs. Ahlam Anbar, Victorian Literature teacher, shared the same sentiment that Dr. Baroud expressed. She expressed her pride of all her students’  hard work.

This event is impressive because the students took what they learned in  their Victorian Literature course and made it into a tangible creative work. The students offered the event's visitors a complete view of Victorian women. The event had  poetry, politics, fashion and novels corners in addition to many others.


Student's Creativity

Students Siba Safi and Samah Abu Sharkh, from the poetry corner, said, "we tried to break the boring routine of the classroom through this event. We wanted to bring to life the Victorian women writers’  work."

Another student, Wala' Al-Anqar, from the Gothic Victorian literature corner, showed the true spirit of Victorian Gothicism in her displays of ancient castles and frightening works of literature.


The students work ranged from simple displays where the students explained to the visitors  their topic of choice, to interactive corners where the visitor got to choose a female writer or artist for the students to talk about.


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