Canadian Author Delivers a Lecture on Creative Writing and the Road to Publishing

25 - تشرين الثاني - 2015

The English department, in the Faculty of Arts, at IUG, held a seminar on creative writing and the road to publishing. Mr. Marcello Di Cintio, a Canadian writer and a published author, was the key speaker. The seminar was held yesterday, Tuesday, November 24,2015,  started at 1 and was supposed to be over at 2; however, because of the heated discussion, the seminar was extended  half an hour more.


Dr. Mahmoud Barood, Head of the English Department, commended Mr. Marcello Di Cintio's efforts and thanked him for joining the department to talk about creative writing. Dr. Barood also thanked Mr. Refaat Al-Areer, Arts Faculty Member, who arranged and coordinated the seminar in an attempt to encourage the students of the English Department to work harder and write better; not only in English, but in other languages, too. They should also get published and have their voices heard.


Mr. Di Cintio first talked about how he became a writer and how there is not one path to becoming so. He stressed on the fact that every writer finds his path to writing differently, "Especially here in Palestine! I am sure your ways of finding your paths are so much different from ours (those living abroad)."

"I am a traveller," said he, " and I realized I wanted to write about what I see in my travels. I went to 30 publishing homes. I got rejected 29 times and was finally approved on the 30th. I remember I was told that I am a traveller who writes, not a writer who travels and that was shocking to me. But I knew I had to keep writing and finally published my first book."

Mr. Di Cintio insisted that writers are artists and they should write about what they love and appreciate. When one of the students asked him, "What is more important writing or getting published? Since selling requires the taste of the audience considered," he responded, "A smart writer knows how to make the audience interested in what he loves."


The seminar was linked to Khanyounes branch through video conference. On the other side, the students of the English department there along with one of the faculty members attentively participated and brought up some good questions. Dr. Mohammed Al Hajj Ahmed, the professor who was in Khanyounis, commented on Mr. Di Cintio's speech, "First we thank you for joining us and I would like to emphasize the importance of telling stories. You said that stories are everywhere waiting to be written. We as, Palestinians, have stories everywhere. Here in Gaza because of the continuous assaults of the occupation or in Jerusalem for the same reason or in any other occupied territory in Palestine."

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