A Seminar on the Role of Arts in Resisting Occupation

07 - آذار - 2015


March 4th.2015, The English Department held a seminar entitled: Arts: Social and Political Commitment. The main presenter at this seminar has been Dr. Lucas Pairon from Ghent

University in Brussels, Belgium. The presenters talked about the possible forms of arts people can adopt in order to defend their social and political rights. Ensuing the presentation, there was a fruitful discussion about the role of arts in highlighting certain political and social issues.

The seminar was attended by the Head of English Department, Dr. Akram Habeeb, along with many of the English Department staff, and many of the English Departments students, both male and female.

It is worth mentioning that this seminar cam as a preamble to our upcoming symposium : English Language and the Role of art in Resistance which is scheduled on April 14th. 2015.


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