Graduation of new class of Faculty of Arts students at the 33rd Graduation Ceremonies at the Islamic University

16 - أيلول - 2014

The graduation ceremony of the 33rd class was launched at the Islamic University in Gaza City. The participant graduates’ number was (2000) male and female students. The university dubbed this ceremony “class of Dr. Khairy Al-Agha” chairman of Board of supervisors at the Islamic University, who passed away June 2014.The university celebrated at its first day the graduation of the students of the Faculty of Arts.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees MP. Jamal al-khudhari, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, president of the university Dr. Kamalin Kamil Saath, and the presidents ofa number of universities in the Gaza Strip, members of the Islamic University Council, Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Walid Amer, a group of public and community figures, representatives of higher education institutions, members of the academic and administrative bodies at the Faculty of Arts, and graduates and their families attended the graduation ceremony which was held in the main conference hall.

An  esteemed character that liked the name Palestine.

MP. Jamal al-khudhari announced that the Islamic University launched the graduation ceremony in the name of late Dr. Khairy Al-Agha in order to appreciate and recognize an "esteemed character that liked the name of Palestine, founded and gave away endlessly". He also saluted the family of Dr. Agha saying: "our greetings and appreciation go to you", and expressed his wishes to the new Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Khairy Agha. The MP. stressed that the university has risen from the rubble and devastation inflicted upon it by the last Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip and continued its education process. He also hailed the university graduates’ steadfastness.

A human and good citizen

Dr. Shaath said that the Palestinian people set an example in patience and steadfastness during the recent aggression, and stressed that the Islamic University educates a human and good citizen who has faith in Allah and has been educated in accordance with the good guidance and counseling of the family, community, and media. He noted that the university takes pride in educating such a character. Dr. Shaath also brought to attention the university’s encouragement of the students to participate in community, methodical and extracurricular activities which enhance the integration between the institutions of society.

Speech of the graduatesNour Naim–a graduate from the Department of Journalism and Media at the Faculty of Arts-delivered the speech of the graduates, in which she thanked the Islamic University personnel for providing the ideal environment of knowledge and science for higher education, and estimated the great sacrifices made ​​by the parents that ultimately paid off in the form of knowledge and manners.

Graduation protocol
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Amer requested from the heads of the Trustees and university to continue the graduation ceremony after reviewing the students’ certificates and degrees.

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