A delegation of the Federation of Arab Journalists visits the university

09 - أيلول - 2014

A delegation from the International Journalists' Syndicate visited the Islamic University of Gaza. Head of the University Dr. Kamalin Kamel Shaath, Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Walid Amer, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Ahmed Orabi Turk, Head of Journalism and Media Department Dr. Amin Wafi, and Vice-President of Journalism and Media Department Mr. Mohsen Alafranji met with the delegation led by Assistant Secretary of the Federation of Arab Journalists Dr. Abdel Nasser Nagar.

Dr. Shaath estimated the role of the International Journalists' Syndicate in shedding light on societal issues, and brought to attention the positive steadfastness that was evident during the recent assault on the Gaza Strip. Dr. Shaath also showcased images depicting the Israeli occupation targeting of the education sector, including: universities, schools, cultural and research centers. He talked about the university’s media projects as well, including: launching of educationalKoran Karim’ Radio, and al-Kitab TV channel.

The members of the delegation of the Arab Journalists Union stood in solidarity with the Islamic University, expressed their pride in its adopted message, and appreciate edits role in the graduation of qualified students and providing academic research services. They also took an interest in the transfer of the real picture that shows the reality faced by the Palestinian people.

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