Journalism and Media Department discuss ways of joint cooperation with the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate

01 - أيلول - 2014

A delegation from the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate in Gaza visited the Islamic University. The delegation included the Syndicate’s Vice-president Dr. Tahsin al-Astal, and members of the Syndicate Mr. Sharif al-Neirab, and Mr. Luay Sadona. It was welcomed by Head of the Journalism and Media Department Dr. Amin Wafi, director of the Department of Public Relations Dr. Raed Salha, vice president of the Journalism and Media Department Mr. Mohsen Alafranji, and Editor-in-chief of the university’s ‘Sawt al-Jame’a” Newspaper Mr. Fathi Naji. This visit came in the context of browsing the damage inflicted by the last Israeli military assault on the Journalism and Media Department, in particular, and the Islamic University in general.

The two sides discussed ways of cooperation with respect to holding special training programs in dealing with crises at times of military assaults, as well as supporting field visits between students and the two institutions, contributing to the Palestinian media performance development. They also looked at certain positive aspects through evaluating the media performance during the last Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.

In a related context, Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Walid Amer, during the meeting with the delegation of the Journalists' Syndicate, hailed the performance of the Palestinian media Journalists at home and abroad, praising their role in showing the steadfastness of the Palestinian people on its land, and exposing the attacks and violations committed by the occupation against it. He also emphasized the value of media which reveals the truth, conveys a free voice to the outside world, and stresses the importance and fairness of the Palestinian cause at the global level.

At the conclusion of the visit, the delegation was briefed on the volume of the damage brought upon the university’s building sand facilities.

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